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You have a beautiful vision for your life. We offer clarity and guidance to get you there.
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Personal growth is great.
Navigating confusion, guilt and overwhelm is hard. Discover the torch that lights your path forward.
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To become a conscious creator of your own life, the first step is reconnecting to your inner wisdom.
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Making lifestyle shifts doesn’t need to be an exhausting struggle. The path towards a fulfilling life can be just as enjoyable as the destination. No blood or sweat required – but maybe some good, cathartic tears along the way.

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Living Atman offers compassionate guidance and a safe space to explore what’s important to you. We’ve spent 5 years discovering how to deliver lasting transformation through self-driven, sustainable shifts.

Discover how to:
  • Recover your natural power and inner magic to develop a meaningful vision for your life
  • Break through deep layers of resistance to become a conscious creator of your life
  • Foster self-compassion to make the process of change significantly more effective and rapid
  • Map your inner fears and strengths to get unstuck and shift towards your true north

The 5 pillars for conscious living

Once you reconnect with your inner wisdom, it’s time to add conscious living practices to your day-to-day. The 5 pillars of Living Atman help you maintain a lifestyle that prioritizes kindness, happiness, stability, freedom and enthusiasm.

Start making informed choices about what ends up on your plate, without conforming to rigid labels and extreme trends.
Tune into an uplifting daily rhythm, take real steps towards proper self-care, and discover what lights up your spirit.
Get the tools to be your own best friend, the one who has endless faith in you and gives you the courage to shine fully.

Navigate products to find functional, well-made items from producers who are committed to keeping Earth healthy.

Experience journeys that let you step out of your comfort zone to awaken inner peace, power and bliss, in community.

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Living Atman's roots

Living Atman ties together Western living ideals with Eastern inner wisdom for a balanced approach that respects each individual.

Living Atman’s philosophy is informed by Meenu’s lived experiences, including growing up in Canada as a child of Indian immigrant parents.

Curious minds can read my story, with pictures!


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