What is Living Atman?
Uplifting blogs, guidance and experiences for thoughtful humans to reconnect with their life purpose.
Caring is awesome.
Feeling confused, guilty and hopeless is not. We help you get out of your head so you can become the change.
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Living Atman will show you an easy way to take back your power through small steps that quietly add up to your impact legacy.
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Living Atman

The process of aligning the actions you take in the world (Living) with your values (Atman) for a harmonious and connected life brimming with joy.

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Your journey is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to living your best life. Our approach offers a safe space to explore what’s important to you, without the outside noise. We’ve spent 5 years discovering how to deliver such an important mission.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Get clear about your authentic values so you can forge your own path in life
  • Experience the joy that comes from living a life of integrity through our 5 pillars
  • Connect with a network of beautiful humans who are ready to create a better world

The 5 pillars for connected living

Once you’re clear about your authentic values, it’s time to explore the world of connected living. These 5 pillars will be your guide to values-aligned choices that lead to kindness, happiness, stability, freedom and enthusiasm.

Start making informed choices about what ends up on your plate, without conforming to rigid labels and extreme trends.
Tune into an uplifting daily rhythm, take real steps towards proper self-care, and discover what lights up your spirit.
Get the tools to be your own best friend, the one who has endless faith in you and gives you the courage to shine fully.

Navigate products to find functional, well-made items from producers who are committed to keeping Earth healthy.

Experience journeys that let you step out of your comfort zone to awaken inner peace, power and bliss, in community.

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Living Atman's roots

Living Atman ties together Western living ideals with Eastern inner wisdom for a balanced approach that respects each individual.

Living Atman’s philosophy is informed by Meenu’s lived experiences, including growing up in Canada as a child of Indian parents.

Explore the meaning behind each pillar and its icon. Curious minds can also read my story, with pictures!

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This guided experience offers:

• Essential context about connected living and why it’s important
• Simple steps to navigate your inner landscape for solid footing
• Interactive videos, journal prompts and fun discovery tasks
• Hand-drawn emails in a bullet journal format

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