Eat pillar icon, which is a hand with water droplets and an apple to represent kindness or Ahimsa


to be kind to our bodies,
the animals, and the planet!

Our kinder approach to eating will reconnect you with food from soil to table so you can make informed choices about what ends up on your plate without conforming to a label. Let us guide you with simple shifts that have a real impact on the long-term health of your body, your community, and mama earth.

Pick 1 simple action to
make an impact now!

Hand-drawn image of eating a healthy salad

Enjoy Eating

Eating on the fly, in front of your computer, or while watching TV? Savor a meal without any distractions. You’ll notice the flavors will POP.

Hand drawn image of fruits and vegetables from a farmer's market

Eat in Season

On your next grocery trip, purchase an in-season vegetable or fruit. Taste the difference and pay less! Feeling adventurous? Visit a farmer’s market.

Hand drawn image of a dinner setting inside a map pin

Local Resto

Avoid a big brand and eat at a small restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery for a one-of-a-kind experience. Doing so also supports your community!

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Make better choices

Plantbased breakfasts
+ healthy wake-up journey

A collection of 7 simple and delicious recipes (like an Oatmeal Power Jar and Heavenly Hash) to get you inspired about eating healthy. 

Plus, you’ll get daily inspiration as you start positively impacting on your health!

Make better CHoices

Creative meal ideas, practical healthy eating
simplifying ethical choices and more…

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