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to experience happiness
in every moment

Getting your life in order doesn’t require a complicated overhaul. We can help you shift into an uplifting daily rhythm, to take realistic steps towards proper self-care, and to find time to do more of what lights up your spirit.

Pick 1 simple action to
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I Value

When push comes to shove, what is something you will never compromise in your life? Write it down and see if you can add to the list over time.

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Go For It

Do something that makes you slightly uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be huge, it could simply be a new approach to an everyday task.

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Be Generous

Donating our time can make us feel more connected to the people around us. Set aside an hour to support a local organization or a person you know.

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Make better choices

The Little Things
(not another to-do list)

Some of the most precious, life-changing and life-affirming energy we possess is contained within the tiny choices we make in each moment.

What little things can you choose that bring a bit more joy, peace, fulfillment to your day? 

This booklet is a sprinkling of ideas to find out what you love, what makes you feel fulfilled. It is an intuitive, creative process which will unfold and flow out of you naturally. 

a Journey of Self-Discovery!

Self-care, work-life balance, joy, dreams and more…

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