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Get ready to make awesome purchases you can feel happy about! We’re the trusted friend you can rely on for advice when navigating a zillion products to find functional, well-made, conscious items from producers who are committed to keeping Earth healthy for future generations.

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Pick 1 simple action and
start making an impact!

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Simple Swap

A wooden toothbrush, a metal straw, or a reusable water bottle… What’s one sustainable switch you can make for the planet?

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The Maker

What is your favorite purchase in the last month? Visit the company website to see what they stand for. Do their values align with your own?

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Fix It

Is there a shoe or pair of pants that needs mending? A table that can be refinished and given away? Make the repair and breathe new life into your object!

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TOOLS and Experiences TO MAKE sustainable shifts

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Make an Impact
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A collection of simple ways to start shifting towards a more conscious lifestyle. Best of all? YOU get to customize your journey based on your interests!

It’s fun, easy, and free!

Plus you’ll start feeling awesome about the impact you’re having on your health and the health of our beautiful planet.

Make Awesome CHoices

Sustainable fashion, ethical purchasing, money habits, thrifting and more…

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