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Living Atman

The process of aligning the actions you take in the world (Living) with your values (Atman) for a harmonious and connected life brimming with joy.

Our approach helps you:

• Get clear about your authentic values so you can forge your own path in life
• Experience the joy that comes from living a life of integrity through our 5 pillars
• Connect with a community of kind, generous and compassionate humans

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 means Non-Violence, which creates KINDNESS through actions.

Eat pillar icon, which is a hand with water droplets and an apple to represent kindness or Ahimsa

about the icon

The hand represents practicing human compassion throughout the food cycle.
The water droplet represents resources needed and the importance of sustainable farming.
The apple is about the nutrients we get from fresh fruits and veggies!



 means Contentment, which results in sustainable HAPPINESS.

Live pillar icon, which is a sun with moon and star inside to represent contentment or Santosha

about the icon

The sun represents living life to the very fullest.
The moon represents time for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pauses.
Sun and moon together represent balanced daily rhythms.
The star is your ability to grow past limiting beliefs.



means Self-Wisdom which creates STABILITY through mindfulness.

Think pillar icon, which is an outer flame and inner flame to represent self-wisdom or Svadhyaya

about the icon

The flames represent constantly shifting inner thoughts and emotions, which can feel turbulent at times.
The outer shell represents your ability to reflect on the mind’s non-stop churning from a stable perspective. 
The innermost flame represents core beliefs.



 means Detachment from consumerism for the FREEDOM to choose.

Shop pillar icon, which is a triangle with two hearts and a leaf to represent freedom or Moksha

about the icon

The triangle represents quality goods and services. 
The leaf represents eco-friendly practices from creation to consumption.
Two hearts budding from the foundation represent the love poured into hand-made products by small-batch makers, and the love we show when we shop local.



means Sacred Journeys to reignite your ENTHUSIASM for living.

Travel pillar icon, which is three waves going forward to represent sacred travel or Yatra

about the icon

The waves represent pushing into uncharted territory as a means for growth.
The water represents a willingness to adapt to whatever place you find yourself in.
The three peaks are about community, as part of an authentic travel group or while developing meaningful bonds with locals.

The goal is to create a global community of uplifted humans who are living a more conscious lifestyle for health, community and our shared planet!



Taking the first steps towards your authentic life can be intimidating.
To start making an impact, let your passion lead the way!

Hello from Meenu

Meenu's story

I don’t have a traditional hero story, you know the one where I slay the beast and come out victorious and ta-daaaa, life is now magical... honestly, do we really believe that’s how change works?

What I have is a history of thoughtful shifts that have transformed the landscape of my entire life. What I also have is the willpower to face outdated habits with grace, stability, and clarity. 

Mine has been a softer, slower journey to live my truth in every moment. I know, it’s not very sexy, but hear me out! What I’ve stumbled across could radically change the way you engage, well… everything!

Top Leaf
Polaroid photos of Meenu as a child
In my early 20s, I had my rock-bottom moment.

It’s that point when I found myself completely paralyzed by negative thoughts swirling in my brain. I was no longer inspired by my ‘success’ checklist: the 9-5 grind to become a millionaire, buying stuff endlessly to feel like I was making it, or the goal to get married and start a family with children.

I saw a world where greed drove people to compromise their values and be unkind to each other, and where our shared planet was suffering from the horrible consequences of our habits. It was all too much.

Numbing myself from reality with social scrolling, binge-worthy series, and way too many lattes made me a zombie in my own life. These distractions only masked my inner pain.

I was living in hell: 1-part my stuff, 1-part the past, and 1-part humanity’s indifference. I wanted to change everything, but figuring out where to start was part of the nightmare.

My parents had warned me that making good choices in a world full of Maya (the illusion of happiness) would be difficult. The rebel in me wanted to keep fighting to do the right thing, but another part of me wanted to be swept away by a simple life of fun, laughter, and enjoyment. This created a giant rift between my inner beliefs and my outer actions.

At that time, depression made its home in my head and my heart. It started with a horrible sense of guilt in the pit of my stomach each morning. It ended with me contemplating suicide because I had no idea how to make my life meaningful again.

Small Leaf
Luckily, I had a support system that wasn’t afraid to acknowledge and address my mental illness.

My family suggested I get therapy and my sister signed me up for my first session. Going to therapy and admitting I needed help was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had to take that leap of faith and trust that I would land on the other side.

After a messy, scary, and tearful year of gritty inner work, I started to feel something akin to stability. I realized that I didn’t actually want to end my life, I just wanted to do life differently.

Without realizing it, I had reawakened my deep connection to Mama Earth and all her beautiful plants, elements, and creatures (humans included!). More than anything else, I wanted to honor that connection while feeling my personal best. After all, I was the bubbly girl who grew up on a quaint cherry orchard in the Okanagan, with pet chickens and rabbits, a giant garden full of veggies, and the beach at my doorstep!
I became determined to live a truly happy life from the inside out. 

I relied heavily on the wisdom of two seriously amazing humans, my parents! In fact, my ancestors happen to be Sikh, a spiritual path from India that underpins modern-day Kundalini Yoga. I took Kundalini teacher training and many more yoga certifications that resonated for me. I did year-long meditations, ate clean and simple meals, and visited ashrams the world over in my search for answers. I was able to integrate tools from many spiritual paths to start seeing from a new perspective.

The journey to align my outer actions and inner thoughts needed to be simplified every step of the way, broken down into doable chunks. Each conscious shift nudged me towards the life I wanted to be living.

My slower approach kept me from being overwhelmed by extreme health & wellness trends. It meant I was taking time to integrate each new habit in my own way, at my own pace.

Through the process of integration, I gained a ton of confidence, a solid foundation for my life, and ultimately the willpower to face any challenge. I also found an amazing community of humans who were going through the exact same things! I felt powerful, motivated, and engaged again. For the first time there was lightness in each step I took.

Polaroid photos of Meenu's parents in India and Canada

As a natural leader, I began guiding those around me out of overwhelm. It started with 1-1 mentorships, and led to uplifting group gatherings, awakening journeys, and even delivering courses on spiritual concepts for Western living.

With my guidance, people have not only shifted their mindsets but also taken REAL, TANGIBLE action towards a more conscious lifestyle.

That’s the idea behind Living Atman:
To create a global community of engaged citizens who truly have the power to change the world!

Whether it’s eating more plants, diverting plastic from the landfill, managing negative thoughts, finding safer product alternatives, or taking a journey for your spirit; living in alignment with our values is the single greatest source of love, happiness, stability, freedom, and enthusiasm. Living our values creates the kind of shared future we all want to see.

Through Living Atman, I aim to bring into expression the full beauty of each unique individual that joins our community.

Come be a part of this incredible movement!

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