Think pillar icon, which is an outer flame and inner flame to represent self-wisdom or Svadhyaya


it through-nice and slow-
for increased stability

With the resources offered here, you will learn how to quiet the mind, resolve personal conflicts, and add a daily mindfulness practice. We’ll show you how to enjoy the benefits of a spiritually rich life without a ton of work. 

Pick 1 simple action to make
your first shift!

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Celebrate You

Ask someone you know to name one strength they admire about you. It’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves through others.

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Get Inspired

What is one thing you want to improve about yourself, your community, or the planet? Sometimes the answer can point us towards our purpose.

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Love Note

Is there a quote that is truly meaningful to you? Post it somewhere you can read it every day. It doesn’t have to be fancy! A sticky note will do.

need guidance with the above starter steps?

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Make better choices

An inward journey
to reconnect to what matters

Feeling a bit lost in a sea of constant noise and pressure? Not fulfilling your deepest desires? Yearning for more than the day-to-day grind?

Reconnecting with your values is the first step to a meaningful life. Let’s tackle it together with 7 days of tiny tasks to jumpstart a life on purpose. Don’t forget to bring your journal!

reconnect to what matters!

Inner peace, mindfulness,
self-compassion, self-development
and more…

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