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The frustration

It’s normal to have off days. But what do you do when those off days become off weeks and off years? 

What starts out as an inch into uncertainty becomes miles down a dark and confusing rabbit hole. The shift away from inner peace happens so slowly, we don’t even realize how far we’ve strayed until red flags become blaring sirens.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, life throws a sudden curveball: the death of a loved one, arriving at an island paradise devastated by human activity, disturbing footage of animals being mistreated before slaughter, or a severe health crisis that brings everything to a crashing halt.

That’s the moment when some seriously deep existential ish starts bubbling over. A growing frustration about the way things (and people!) are leads to inevitable questions like who am I? Why am I here? What’s the point of all this?

My story

There was a time in my life when I woke up with a deep sense of guilt and dragged myself out of bed each day (read Meenu’s story). The guilt was with me for so long that I couldn’t fathom any other way to be. So I ignored it. 

I kept myself busy in the daily grind: getting good grades, grabbing part-time jobs, and chasing romance. I didn’t give myself a moment to be still, let alone reflect on my lack of joy. 

The years passed but the underlying guilt did not. I found it increasingly difficult to paste on a smile every day and the cracks were showing. Then, a final gust of disappointment, a toxic relationship ending, blew over the entire house of cards I had built. Just like that.

At this point in my THINK journey, I was left with the terrifying realization that I hated my life and the person I had become.

I found myself lying on the apartment floor in my sister’s condo sobbing uncontrollably. Everything flooded out and whew, it was a loooong time coming. I was in the midst of a deep depression and had no idea.

To make matters worse, without the facade of a normal life, I faced a frightening mental landscape of endless negative self-talk, extreme emotional ups and downs, and no idea what to do next.

My family gently encouraged me to sign up for counselling and I was lucky to have their support at a critical moment. But even after my first appointment was booked, there was a deep sense of denial. Therapy felt like a humiliating admission of failure. 

By putting one foot in front of the other, I quieted my resistance and arrived at the intake appointment that would kick off a year of gritty inner work. Rebuilding my sense of self meant surrendering every ounce of fear and avoidance to get to the root of my challenge. 

After a gruelling process, I crawled out on my hands and knees. There was a long way to go before I felt true inner power, but the journey had started with one massive realization: stop trying to be like everyone else!

It’s a crazy crazy world out there and society’s expectations are never-ending. To cling to our true selves amidst all the noise, we must invest time and focused effort to become a steady soul.

Svadhyaya Connection

Are you ready to step off the escalator and forge your own path through the wilderness of life? Hiking your trail is incredibly rewarding but can be intimidating at first. That’s where Living Atman can support. I want to share everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years of “off-roading” to guide you through the steps needed to shift into a happier headspace. 

Svadhyaya, which translates to self-wisdom in Sanskrit, is where we start. Self-wisdom arises through daily reflection and maintenance of our inner world, the mind. 

When considering the way we THINK, Svadhyaya equals:

  1. A slow mental detox that uses cleansing tools (like yoga and meditation) to gently remove the gunk from our brains
  2. Navigating unhelpful thoughts and practicing mindful consumption for greater peace of mind 
  3. Developing a piercing vision for the future based on your individual values and no one else’s
  4. Gaining awareness of outdated programs and doing regular maintenance with the support of a loving community (and me too!) 

Establishing a stable mind is the first step to a purpose-filled tomorrow. It’s not as much work as you may think. With the right guidance, you can understand your patterns, desires, motivations, and goals in order to map out a one-of-a-kind journey through life.

LA Benefits & CTA

As you discover the courage to shine fully, Living Atman wants to cheer you on every step of the way (even through those ugly cries). Our social channels are filled with positive wisdom. We have actionable blogs meant to help you take tangible steps towards the life you deserve. You can also “Ask Meenu” about anything really (just email meenu@livingatman.com).

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