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Your journey through the LIVE Pillar

The frustration: “Something doesn’t feel right”

At some point in our lives, we dream up all the things we’re going to accomplish with full abandon. Getting healthy, hosting backyard dinner parties, or even learning to scuba dive seem only a skip away. 

Enter real life: An endless stream of chores, work and responsibilities that can squash all hopes for fun and spontaneity.

Over time, life starts to feel messy and uninspiring; jam-packed with things we don’t enjoy. It’s when chasing the golden work-life-play balance becomes a source of frustration.

My story

I’ve been there. At one time, I was pouring SO MUCH energy into activities that I thought would make me successful. I worked diligently towards the neatly packaged future I was sold by the school systems, the media, and other people who had “made it”. But I never took a moment to stop and think for myself.

It was at a university poetry class that Professor Uppal asked the class, “what do you want more than anything else?” I was stumped. After some time, I wrote in big, bold letters: TO BE HAPPY. 

It was an exciting yet scary moment. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to wake up knowing your day is filled with things that make you happy? Not ten years down the road, but right now.

At this point in my LIVE journey I began to discover what it meant to live life on my own terms.

Slowing down for deeper personal exploration taught me so much. While I was building my outer world, my inner world became overgrown with things that did not fill me with joy. I remained in the weeds for the next six years.

Today, I have awesome tools to actively keep my inner world blooming and in harmony with my outer world. Persistence has allowed me to nurture an intuitive process of embracing the wonderful, clearing the terrible, and allowing the magic to happen at any given moment!

Santosha connection

Through the LIVE pillar, I want to share this wisdom with you! My approach is grounded in classical Indian Ayurveda, a holistic system for a healthy life. That’s why “Santosha” is key to the LIVE journey. Santosha is the loving process of accepting where we are at while exploring our individual path to happiness. Literally translated, Santosha means contentment.

When considering the way we LIVE, Santosha means:

  1. Maintaining harmonious relationships with family, friends, and colleagues for richer, more meaningful connections.
  2. Discovering a work-life balance that feels juuuuust right, and more importantly, achievable for real humans.
  3. Creating spaces for unstructured play to invite creativity, fun and spontaneity back into your life. 
  4. Setting a daily rhythm that ensures the small steps (like regular self-care) add up to the big picture you want (like long-term wellbeing).  

Are you content at home, work, and play? If you’re feeling lost at sea, we’ll help you see the lighthouse on the horizon and show you how to use your inner “paddle-power” to reach it.

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Sound like something you could use? Then don’t hesitate. Take the leap and dive in! 

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