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The frustration: “Where do I even begin?

We’re all too familiar with those days… in a gust of motivation to eat healthier, you skip through the grocery store and pack your cart with cucumbers, asparagus, and more kale than you’ve eaten in your life. 

Fast-forward to three weeks later, and you’re scared to open your fridge because you have no idea what might be growing in there.

My story

I feel you. I should be the epitome of healthy eating since I grew up on a farm and am intimately connected to the food chain. 

I know what garden-fresh produce looks like. I understand the work that goes into growing what we put on our plates. I have eaten mainly fruits and veggies since childhood. And, I grew up enjoying home-cooked Indian meals, thanks to my immigrant parents.

Yet, these days I find myself grabbing a quick bite on the go, ducking into a pizza shop for the sake of convenience, and making less-than-awesome choices when eating out. Who has time to source perfectly healthy, animal-friendly, environmentally-conscious meals anyhow?

At some point on my EAT journey I started to feel guilty for the choices I was making.

While surfing the web, I would constantly see healthy food articles with alarming statistics. Trying to make perfect choices left me frustrated with myself because I couldn’t live up to the highest standards. At one point, I became deeply anxious about every single food choice I was making. It was paralyzing. That was no way to live.

Lucky for me, I have a strong family history of conscious food consumption and access to the resources I needed to get back on track. With the right tools and mindset, I slowly reconnected with my body, my community, and the planet, my choices became more harmonious. I started to feel fantastic about eating in alignment with my values. Plus, there was still room for cake! 

So how did I do it?

Ahimsa connection

I want to share what I’ve learned through my EAT journey with you! My approach is grounded in classical Indian Ayurveda, a holistic system for a healthy life. That’s where the Sanskrit principle of “Ahimsa” comes in. Ahimsa means non-violence. It occurs when we practice kindness through our choices. When considering the way we EAT, Ahimsa means:

  1. Ending judge-y self-talk and accepting where I am on my EAT journey so I can enjoy the food that nourishes and delights me.
  2. Forgoing extreme health trends that can shock the body in favour of slow shifts integrated at every step.
  3. Supporting local farmers who are growing small batches of in-season produce.
  4. Eating sustainably by choosing pesticide-free, reducing wasted food, and composting scraps to create a positive impact on the future of our planet.

Life is challenging enough already, so the moral of the story is you don’t need to be a basket-toting, farmer’s market-goer (as awesome as that is) to do your part. You can choose to make a difference that’s doable. Balancing your impact with other life priorities is not just acceptable, we encourage it!

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Discover the energy to live a vibrant life and have a health-full body, community and planet, along with the long-term support to follow-through on your personal commitments.

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